Hire Charges

Hall only

  • The nominal flat rate of hiring the hall is £12.50 an hour
  • This will in some instances be varied to reflect the nature of the event (higher for commercial activities, lower for charity events etc.).
  • Session rates will apply if you wish to hire the hall for longer than 2 hours, as follows:
  •              nominally, between £30 and £35 depending on the time of day;
  •              £90 for the whole day
  •              (In some instances these might be varied according to the nature of the event)

Hall and Jubilee Room together

  • Higher charges apply for using both the Hall and Jubilee Room (meeting room). Please contact the Bookings Clerk, using contact details on the ‘Contact Us’ page, for further details

Jubilee Room only

  • Nominal hourly rates are between £2 or £3, or £25 for the whole of the day. Again in some instances this is varied according to the nature of the event

Security Deposit

For certain functions, such as discos, private parties, or other events at the Hall Committee’s discretion, a refundable Security Deposit of £50 is payable, at the time of making a booking. This will be refunded after the event, assuming everything at the Hall is left in good order